IOGEAR Multi-Link Bluetooth Mini Keyboard

IOGEAR have just released a Multi-Link Bluetooth Mini Keyboard.

This ultra-slim keyboard is able to control and easily switch between up to 6 Bluetooth enabled devices (PCs, Macs, Smart Phones, Tablets, iPads, Game Consoles etc, running on Android, or iOS 4.0 and above).

It comes with with quiet and precise scissor keys, membrane switches and Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity up to 30 feet.

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Wireless USB Speaker System

Bose SoundLink Wireless USB Speaker System is the company’s first dedicated network audio streaming package for PC and Mac. It is an answer for those who want to set up a hassle-free wireless music system without worrying about Wi-Fi configurations. It doesnt require any software or Wi-Fi connection either.
Simply plug the included SoundLink USB key into the computer, select music from iTunes, or any other Internet radio or music source, and the audio will stream to the SoundLink speaker via a long-range wireless link that works through most walls and floors. The speaker comes with a Li-ion battery that provides at a minimum three hours of playback at full volume.

The new SoundLink wireless music system comes in Gloss Black, and will be available from Bose beginning August 27, 2009, for a price of US$549.95. No mention of european launch as yet.#

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Wireless Car MP3 Player with Remote

wirelesscarmp3playerwithremote-smallLike most I have really taken to the having the ability to play MP3’s in the car due mainly to the fact that I don’t have to rummage through cd pouchs while driving looking for albums. So this little gadget caught my eye. This 3 in 1 in-car cigar style FM transmitter supports 206 FM channels and has an SD/MMC card slot and a USB port so you can listen to your MP3 files on the road! Simply plug into your car’s cigarette plug, turn on your car stereo and tune to the same frequency! Plug in an SD/MMC card, USB flash drive, and even an MP3 player and listen to your favorite music on the go! The  wireless remote makes control easy and access fast. At
€13.10 its a steal.

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BlueAnt Q1 Voice Controlled Bluetooth Headset

blueant-q1The BlueAnt Q1 has just become available to the public in the US, this headset is voice controlled and due to its advanced design is simple to use. Other than just allowing hands free conversation, it also offers users several unique features:

  • Voice control – provides an authentic hands-free experience through “Simply Connect” voice control technology.  Users start by simply putting the headset in their ear and letting it verbally walk them through pairing and set-up. It uses advanced voice recognition software which allows you to easily control the headset and many phone functions, just by using your voice.
  • True multipoint – The Q1 can connect to and conduct calls on two mobile phones simultaneously.  Unlike other headset makers that claim to support multipoint, with the BlueAnt Q1 both phones remain connected even when you are on a call. If you get a call on your other phone you can use the Q1 to put your active call on hold and answer your other phone.
  • Noise reduction – the software constantly monitors and removes background noise during your call. This is achieved through dual microphones using BlueAnt’s Voice Isolation Technology, a proprietary Digital Signal Processor (DSP) software solution.
    • New level of comfort and style – It has been designed to be the most comfortable headset available on the market today. The device also has a new sleek, gunmetal design with specially manufactured silicon ear buds designed to suit all ear shapes and sizes.

    Retailing at US$129 its unknown if it will make its way to Europe anytime soon.

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    Panasonic KX-WP800 Skype Phone


    Recently released for the Japanese Market, Panasonic announced their KX-WP800 Skype phone. The KX-WP800 includes built-in support for the FON wifi sharing network. So if you happen to be a FON user you can take the handset with you and it will automatically log onto any FON hotspots you come across, allowing you to make wifi calls. It has a decent sized LCD screen, 4.5 hours of talktime approx & 55 hours of standby.

    The handset also includes a compact wifi router for setting up a FON hotspot in your home. But if you don’t feel like sharing your net connection, the handset will work just as well with other wifi networks as long as you have the necessary login info.

    Hopefully at some point in the coming year it will be available to the European Markets.

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    Wi-Fi Detector Watch



    Trying to find out if there’s a wireless network nearby? Here’s a watch that also functions as a wireless wi-fi detector. All you do is press the marked face button on the Wi-Fi Detecting Watch and it’ll tell you the signal strength on a scale from 0 to 8. It also comes with other features such as world time clock, alarm and calendar functionality, and a bright EL backlight.

    Get one Here for about $30.00.